#107: Reversing Diabetes & Losing Over 100lbs with Bobby Sud

Bobby Sud shares his wildly inspiring journey of going plant-based, reversing diabetes, losing over 100 pounds, and finding his passionate purpose. He reveals the secrets to becoming a better version of yourself...and it's closer and simpler than you may think!



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Happy New Year, friends!

Can we ask a personal question... what is stopping you from making this year the year that you step more into your authentic self?

We all know that the New Year brings the revitalizing opportunity to set new goals and pursue new life-changing habits. But how do you make sure those work and last?

You need to listen to our guest this episode. He's a profound example of how to use the power of pursuing positive change to better oneself.

Bobby Sud shares his wildly inspiring journey going plant-based, reversing diabetes, and through that gaining a passionate purpose in life. He speaks from a place of compassion and clarity, having experienced first hand what it takes to reckon with choices that have led you to hard places, and then to make the changes that lead to a better version of yourself.

Bobby confides his personal story along with a wealth of heart-felt and practical advice that will revolutionize your pursuit of goals and habits.

He discusses with us the power of being loved as you are while also encouraged to grow into a better version of yourself. He encourages listeners that anyone can commit to small steps and how big change can come from that. He shares how to build an environment that will support your habits and provide for you the self-control you need to stick to your plan.

We also explore how shame and self-criticism can be transformed into an opportunity to encourage our own - and other’s - authentic selves to step out. Bobby’s inspiration continues as he dives into the heart of the matter and explains the role motivation plays. He shares what the key was to hitting his goals.

Bobby’s authentic story of coming face to face with himself in the lows, but refusing to stay there reveals how pursuing meaningful connection and purpose revolutionized his life, his health, and his career, and how all of that is accessible to you with just the willingness to step out and change a habit.

And keep listening to the end for the the encouraging words Bobby offers to those in a hard place, struggling to find purpose or connection or value in themselves - whether that's you or someone who needs to hear it from you!

With love and green dreams for this New Year,  

♡ Toni & Michelle

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  • The life-changing power of goal setting and planning
  • How Bobby’s health and food habits spiraled out-of-control
  • Bobby’s source of inspiration to finally reach the point of “no more excuses” and begin to change
  • How to support a loved one struggling with mental health
  • The power of someone loving you as you are while believing you can be a better version of yourself and helping you get there
  • Reckoning with choices that have led you to hard places, while also not condemning yourself for actions that don’t define you
  • How changing habits can change futures
  • The difference that environment makes and whether that can enable positive change
  • The simple solution to curb unhealthy cravings
  • How the best self-control is self-control you don’t have to use, and what that means
  • The radical response of Dr. Matt Lederman to all of this
  • What role awareness and positive motivation in making long-term lifestyle changes
  • How to fall in love not with the goal but with this instead
  • How all of this can apply to other areas of life too, like parenting!
  • The life-changing impact of compassion vs criticism
  • Why to not be your own self-critic, and what to think instead to encourage your own and other’s authentic selves to step out
  • What worked for Bobby: tricks to make big lifestyle changes doable for you
  • The trick of three weeks, and why that's a magic timeframe
  • How you can become a vegan and still be the same person you were before
  • What allowed Bobby to overcome relying on food for comfort, what he focused on instead, and how that revolutionized his life
  • Words of encouragement to those in a hard place, struggling to find purpose or connection or value in themselves


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