#115: The Look-Great, Feel-Amazing, Age-Later Lifestyle with Victoria Moran

Here's one who actually lived it! A testimony of a vegan who has lived how researchers and doctors have taught for forty years and has reaped incredible benefits in the aging process at a thriving 72 years young. She reveals her tried and true process for adding years and youthfulness to your life!


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Hi friends,

We’ve been thrilled to bring experts on the show like Dr. Greger, Dan Buettner, and The Brain Doctors, who share their expansive research on the life-extending powers of a plant-based diet. Today we are equally thrilled to bring you Victoria Moran who has lived it loudly and proudly!

Victoria Moran, host of the long-running podcast, Main Street Vegan, spends much of her time educating people on the benefits of plant-based eating and how to “grow older better.” She is the author of thirteen books, including:

In this episode she breaks down for us her tried and true process to MEND health - with Meditation, Exercise, Nourishment, and Detox - and keep our bodies from falling into disrepair. First, she digs into Meditation, which is scientifically proven to make you younger! She shows how to do it the right way & Toni shares her great tips on how to train yourself to meditate in our hectic world.

Victoria also explains how essential Exercise is to the mind-body connection and what level of exercise actually benefits humans and in what ways. Hint: it may be ways you haven’t considered before! She also shares a phenomenal story of how her own exercise enabled her to stand up to a violent perpetrator - you don’t want to miss this one!

Keep listening to learn the many shapes Nourishment takes and the best ways to eat plants to nourish your body. You’ll also learn where toxins are sneaking into your home and what you can do to Detox, including the one cosmetic product you should switch out if you’re not sure where to start. Michelle leaves us with her super simple strategy for eliminating toxins in the home in ways that won’t overwhelm you or break the bank.

This immensely practical and impactful episode is just what you need to put into action all those things you know you want to be doing, but also to learn the things you might not know to be doing that could make all the difference in your pursuit of a vibrant, youthful life!

Wishing you the best on this journey together,  

♡ Toni & Michelle


  • Victoria shares how she turned vegan 40 years ago, before it was mainstream!
  • How growing older is only something you can understand when you experience it and how Victoria’s 60s were her best decade ever
  • How we keep our bodies from falling into disrepair
  • What the rainbow diet and raw food have to offer
  • How to live an aspirational life that makes you younger
  • Victoria’s four healing habits: MEND (Meditation, Exercise, Nourishment, Detox)
  • What meditation actually is and how studies show that it makes you younger
  • The myriad of benefits of meditation beyond physical healing
  • How to meditate and what factors actually matter
  • How meditation can draw your presence into the moment of social events and special occasions
  • How to gradually train your mind to meditate
  • What exercise communicates in the body brain connection
  • What amount & level of exercise is beneficial versus potentially detrimental
  • The metaphysical and metaphorical properties of exercise and the effects it has on your endurance and courage
  • How and why to build bone density through exercise
  • How working out enabled Victoria to face a violent perpetrator and defend a person in need
  • What to do after waking and before bed to start and end your days well
  • The best ways to eat plants for nourishment
  • What other areas of life you can nourish yourself
  • Where the major source of indoor toxins comes from and what you can replace it with
  • How you can easily make your own home cleaners
  • What one cosmetic product to switch out, if you can only switch one
  • Whether you need to do a juice detox or not
  • A practical strategy to gradually switch out toxic products instead of being daunted by a massive overhaul




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