#105: How Not to Age with Dr. Michael Greger

Is there a way to slow down aging—or even prevent elements of aging altogether? What does the science say and who can possibly keep track of it all? Our podcast guest Dr. Michael Greger has read over 20,000 of the leading scientific studies on aging and is here to break it down for us. Throw out the lies that poor health is just a part of aging, and pain is just a part of life. Dr. Greger brings hope for us all in this fascinating episode that reveals the secrets—and the science!—behind living a long, healthy life.


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Hi friends!

You've probably head the quote "Everyone wants to live forever, but no one wants to grow old.” Can you relate?

Is there a solution to this "problem" of aging, where our bodies start to degrade while we're still in them, and our minds start to falter when we still very much need them to stay sharp? And if there is, how can we find it with all the mixed information being sold to us left and right?

“Buy this cream! Take this pill!” You’ve heard the spiels… slow down aging? Who can you really trust when it comes to anti-aging advice, products, and schemes? 

We're so excited to gain insight from award-winning physician Dr. Michael Greger, author of the newly released book How Not to Age. He is an internationally recognized speaker in the field of nutrition, and a New York Times bestselling author. He shares with us a sneak peek into his new book filled with an accessible break-down of the peer-reviewed science of what contributes not just to lifespan but to healthspan—staying healthy as you age— which is the true key to long, healthy life that we all long for.

Dr. Greger has gone deep into the scientific literature and studied the research behind what causes and prevents aging. He reveals what most often causes death and the great news that it’s often largely preventable! He explores what factors contribute to aging and what lifestyle choices can significantly slow that down. He then offers the top 10 dietary recommendations that lead to a thriving vibrancy.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed just anticipating the changes you might have to make after the holidays, Dr. Greger encourages us to focus on balance to create a sustainable lifestyle. He shows how simple the 5 main ways to add 18 years to your life are, and how easily you can incorporate many of them with simple swaps. And once he leaves you feeling motivated and recharged, he reveals the list of the “Anti-Aging 8” foods that can radically change your life and how.

Regardless of where you are in life, give this episode a listen to revive your outlook and replace the fear of aging with a thrill of what the future holds as you pursue the vibrancy and vitality that’s within your reach.

With love and green dreams,  

♡ Toni & Michelle 


  • Dr. Greger reveals the #1 cause of death - and that it’s preventable!
  • What healthspan is compared to lifespan and how vibrancy is the goal, not just longevity
  • What the 11 Pathways of Aging are and how they can be slowed by lifestyle choices, including the role animal protein plays in that
  • How much of health is determined by genetics versus lifestyle choices
  • The top 10 dietary recommendations for a long healthy life
  • The surprising effect of coffee on length of life
  • What the true causes of death are and the role of aging in that
  • The 5 things you can do to add 18 years to your life
  • How to find balance in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, to make it sustainable
  • What foods made The Anti-Aging Eight list and why they will lengthen your healthspan





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