#111: Gut health + IBS with Dahlia & James Marin

What exactly is IBS and could it be what's behind your woes? Registered dietitians Dahlia Marin and James Marin bring their gut health expertise to teach all the ins and outs, from IBS to SIBO, to how you can identify if that is your struggle and what you can do to prevent, reverse, and heal all that pain to embrace a comfortable, happy gut life wherever you are.

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Hello friends,

Everybody poops! But for some it’s not so easy and if so, this episode is for you. If you've been around a while, you know we're not afraid here to talk about this integral part of digestion and health, especially if it means getting you answers!

We’ve all heard about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), but you may be shocked at just how common and commonly undiagnosed it is! We’ve brought you registered dietitians Dahlia Marin and James Marin to answer all the questions you didn't know to ask. 

James and Dahlia are the co-founders of the integrative dietetics practice Married to Health, and created the first 100% plant-based SIBO/IBS nutrition program. They bring their expertise about the importance of incorporating plant foods to support a healthy gut microbiome, and are here to help those with gut issues get back to a thriving gut microbiome, from an integrative approach that makes all the difference.

Learn with us all about the fascinating superorganisms we are, as human beings, and how to stay connected to who we are as humans to be free from the uncomfortable, debilitating, and embarrassing symptoms of IBS and related gut issues. We talk about everything from:

  • What is IBS and what triggers it
  • How it impacts daily life and what you can do to stop those symptoms
  • What plants and probiotics do to your gut
  • What FODMAPS are all about and why you need to know
  • Where SIBO comes into play and just how many bacteria are at stake

This fascinating episode digs deep into the facts that can be life-changing for many of you struggling in silence. Studies show that IBS may affect over 70% of people, many who go without a diagnosis. Don’t let this be you or someone you love! This episode will give you all you need to be equipped to move forward for yourself or a loved one in getting help to reverse your IBS and getting back to a happy gut!

Stay tuned to the end to get some great tips to easily incorporate gut-friendly habits into your daily meals, including a 8-minute, crowd-pleasing, gut-friendly dinner!

With love and best wishes for the healthiest gut,  

♡ Michelle & Toni


  • What the integrative approach to nutrition is all about and why it matters
  • What factors can impact your gut and nutrition, from early adverse life events to mind/body connection issues
  • How James and Dahlia found their focus on healing those with gut issues, IBS, and SIBO
  • What a super organism is and how humans are one!
  • What IBS is and what the symptoms are
  • The difference between IBS and IBD/ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s and how they’re related
  • What triggers IBS, everything from antibiotic use to trauma to lifestyle choices
  • Can IBS be reversed?
  • How IBS impacts daily lives and progresses
  • Shocking diagnostic statistics and what males, specifically, need to know
  • How gut issues connect to many other chronic disease
  • What to do about signs and symptoms of gut issues, including the role of your own gut health story
  • The importance of fermented and probiotic food and how many plants per week to eat
  • How microbes and probiotics affect the human biome
  • How women can transfer gut health to the next generation
  • What a low-FODMAP diet is and how it or other healing therapeutic diets can help
  • The role of microbiome type, SIBO, and leaky gut
  • The benefit of “slimy” foods
  • How to address IBS and be plant-based
  • What SIBO is and what it has to do with 40 trillion bacteria
  • Tips for making healthy meals easy and the power of modeling 
  • The 8-minute crowd-pleaser gut-friendly meal



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