#100: Season Ending + Life Updates

What does it take to create 100 episodes together? What does it take to create a successful life of joy and purpose? Michelle and Toni get personal about life, revealing their tips on goal setting and mindset - both professionally and personally, sharing what habits and routines have turned their lives around, and discussing how they stay fresh and motivated in the face of an ever-changing world. 


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Hi friends!

We’re excited to share with you our ONE HUNDREDTH episode! We are so thrilled to not only be wrapping up another season, but to have reached 100 episodes of connecting with you – our audience and our purpose for creating this podcast. In this episode, we reflect on our fifth season as well as our entire journey through the Plant-Powered People podcast. These 100 episodes have seen us through many experiences and life changes in the past five years, so we want to give you some life updates and also share with you what we have in store for the season to come!

In this milestone episode, we share a little more personally, giving you a glimpse into the creative process behind the Plant-Powered People podcast. We discuss everything from the trial and error of learning how to set healthy goals to propel success (professionally and personally), to how gardening saved Michelle from a mental health slump, to how a skin care routine saved Toni from a scalpel, as well as the ups and downs of navigating the content creation and social media world and ways we’ve found to navigate that by keeping our audience and purpose in the forefront. Listen in as we reflect warmly on how we’ve made it this far and what we intend to do to keep going on this plant-powered adventure with you!

With love and green dreams,  

♡ Toni & Michelle 


  • Michelle and Toni each share their favorite episode of the season and why it was so impactful, personally.
  • Announcement of some of the exciting upcoming guests and topics, and an invitation for listeners to share feedback and topics of interest for coming seasons.
  • Toni's life updates: book tours, how it felt to top charts while learning to balance expectations and respond when a big goal wasn’t reached.
  • Toni and Michelle's advice on healthy goal setting that can boost your success and enjoyment of life without demoralizing your spirit in the process.
  • Toni's plans to take a summer break to reflect and reprioritize goals and set direction for new projects.
  • Michelle's life updates: digging into gardening and gardening with her son, and what resources have helped her; how learning from books and documentaries has reignited her brain; camping, and why s’mores cupcakes were so important to Michelle’s baby shower. (Check the links below for vegan s’mores resources!)
  • Toni and Michelle's tips and resources on animal-friendly gardening and building ecosystems in your yard, as well as the mental health benefits of being in nature and gardening.
  • What changed Toni’s view of skincare and how developing a skincare routine saved her from a scalpel, along with the additional benefits of a nighttime routine.
  • World of Vegan updates: transitioning as a work-at-home parent; learning how to create content with limited time; and seeing growth by creating content that broke outside of vegan circles and included new communities.
  • Michelle's plans to build on her highly successful Meal-Plan Mondays at World of Vegan and provide more resources for how to store and extend the life of produce.
  • Plant Based on a Budget updates: building up team to bring even more recipe development and quality content creation.



EP. 97 - Practical Ethics with Philosopher Peter Singer

EP. 98 - Miyoko Schinner on Innovation, Ethics, and the Cheese Revolution

EP. 99 - Environmental Reasons to Go Vegan with Nick Cutsumpas


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