#118: When Your Partner Isn't Vegan

Are you the only plant-based person in your household? Josie Morris, married to her omnivore partner of 20+ years, is here to share practical tips, wisdom, and advice on how to walk life with a partner who is not vegan.


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Hi friends,

As a vegan and a wife, Josie knows the challenges and bonuses of living with an omnivore while raising vegetarian kids. Exploring vegan living with your family looks different for everyone. Life is always an adventure and helping your family make healthy and compassionate food choices is a journey all on its own.

Professionally, Josie has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of food service providers shift to plant-based proteins through her work at Impossible Foods, TiNDLE, and the Humane Society of the United States. As president of Help A Dog Smile, Josie manages a team of volunteers who rescue abused, neglected and unwanted dogs to find them forever, loving homes.

Josie shares how her compassion for animals led her to veganism and to raise vegetarian kids, even when her partner didn’t follow. She gives uplifting insights straight from her heart, such as:

  • The powerful role of mutual respect
  • How to meet people where they’re at
  • How to set reasonable expectations when emotions are raw

She also addresses the many practicalities that come to the surface, including

  • How to co-parent with different diets
  • How to educate children about animals and animal products
  • Resources for those new to plant-based living

Whether you share a household with people who eat differently than you, or you have a friend who does, this is an amazing heart-filled and practical episode for any vegan who’s wanting to walk with empathy and kindness.

Toni & Michelle


  • Josie’s road to vegan living and what a hound dog has to do with it
  • Josie’s love and advocacy for animals
  • How mutual respect is key in relationships
  • Tips to transitioning to your convictions when those in your household don’t share them
  • How to meet people where they’re at and use kindness to influence
  • How to reasonably set expectations of loved ones, especially when you disagree and raw emotions are involved
  • How to parent & co-parent as a vegan with a non-vegan family.
  • How to educate children about animals and animal products
  • How to find a healthy level of humaneness in an imperfect world
  • Resources and tips for those new to plant-based living



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