#113: Scrappy Cooking with Carleigh Bodrug

Stretch your food budget while saving the planet and enjoying fabulous flavors with these phenomenal tips by our good friend and THE expert on scrappy cooking, Carleigh Bodrug of PlantYou. She shares everything from how to make your fresh greens last for weeks, to how to make versatile kitchen staples out of what is often thrown away.


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Hello friends!

Food waste is a MASSIVE problem in our world and even in our homes, in ways we might not have stopped to consider. Today we are absolutely thrilled to bring you our good friend Carleigh Bodrug, who has just the answers we need on making use of the treasures that are often treated as trash.

Carleigh has amassed over 7 million followers and is a New York Times bestselling author with her wildly successful cookbook, PlantYou, and now her highly anticipated new book, PlantYou: Scrappy Cooking is out!

She has been featured by the Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, and Business Insider for her “scrappy cooking” and viral vegan creations. Carleigh also runs a digital meal planner all with the goal of helping people eat more plants in an easy and approachable way. 

Carleigh brings loads of practical wisdom, sharing how she developed her scrappy cooking series into the viral sensation it is now. She breaks down some of the biggest and best tips that can help all of us reduce food waste and save money in our kitchen every day. Considering 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States each year (40% of all food in America!), and grocery prices are only rising, this episode is so relevant and powerful. It's one you can’t afford to miss!

Listen in to learn all the tricks and tips from: 

  • Keep food waste from happening by understanding the “why” behind it
  • Where to store specific foods to keep them from spoiling
  • What the deal is with food expiration dates (and if you really need to follow them)
  • The game-changer of easy, flexible, go-to “clean out the fridge” meals
  • The inexpensive kitchen tools that will extend the life of your groceries

This episode has so much practical advice that you’ll be able to start making a difference right away, reducing your waste and stretching your grocery budget, all while experiencing amazing, and often overlooked, foods that you’re already paying for!

Learn how meal planning can play a pivotal role, or how to reduce single-use plastics even when ordering groceries online, or just sit back and sip a delicious pumpkin spice latte that you made with leftover ingredients that you saved!

♡ Toni & Michelle


  • What inspired Carleigh’s sensational “scrappy cooking” series
  • How Carleigh entered the world of veganism and then took off on Instagram, adapting her content as the platform changed
  • Food storage tips and the surprising role of meal planning
  • Keep your leafy greens from wilting and how to use them even after they start wilting
  • Where to store bread, nuts, and seeds so they don’t mold as quickly
  • How the key to addressing food waste is looking at why we waste food
  • What you need to know about food expiration dates
  • How to be disciplined in the grocery store so as to not to over-shop
  • What “clean out the fridge” meals are and how they can be game-changers
  • How to create a kitchen staple using vegetable scraps that are usually trashed
  • All sorts of options for composting that make it simple
  • How to extend the life of your leftovers from days to weeks or months
  • How ice cube trays can turn extras into extravaganzas
  • A fantastic and versatile solution for using herbs that tend to wilt quickly
  • The most commonly wasted vegetable scraps and what to do with them instead
  • How to lessen dependence on single-use plastics when grocery shopping - even when online shopping!
  • Easy tools and kitchen hacks to help you reduce kitchen waste



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