#108: Plant-Based Nutrition Basics with Registered Dietitian Desiree Nielsen

What do you really need to know about plant-based nutrition? In this episode evidence-based registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen helps us all understand what's most important about nutrition for living a healthy life.


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Hi friends!

Here at the pod, we’re all about nutrition. But have you gotten overwhelmed by all the conflicting health “experts” on social media? Do you feel desperate to know who and what to trust when it comes to dietary and nutrition advice? 

Join us today for the insider’s take on being a vegan registered dietitian and what it’s like to rise through the murky waters of outdated nutrition information in the medical field, to identify the evidence-based facts about how to truly live a healthy life and to enjoy the steps along the way!

Desiree Nielsen is the author of the upcoming plant-based cookbook, Plant Magic, and other bestselling books. She runs a nutrition consulting practice with a focus on gut health and plant-centered diets. You may also know her from The Allsorts Podcast that she hosts!

Today she’s here to dish how she discovered the healing power of food, long before it became popular news, and how that drove her to overcome obstacles to become a dietitian so she could share that healing knowledge to help those who were overlooked by the medical field. 

Desiree brings a wealth of hard-sought knowledge to counter myths of the nutrition industry, looking far and wide to see the facts that are right in front of us. She dives into questions like:

  • What's the true reason dairy was considered one of the four major food groups?
  • Is eating vegan a restrictive diet?
  • What do global cuisines teach us about centering the plate around meat?
  • What does the Mediterranean diet teach us?
  • What do you need to know about phytochemicals and flavonoids?

With freeing evidence-based facts and a reassuring outlook, Desiree teaches us the tricks of the trade, and ultimately what will enable your body to do its remarkable work of resilience:

  • How your body can heal and repair, and what ingredients play a role
  • How you can say yes to food, and enjoy and explore flavors, without falling into negative cycles of guilt or anxiety
  • What three simple foods you can eat every day to move your needle of health and wellness
  • What easy check-in will keep your plate nourishing, satisfying, and energizing

You will not want to miss all the practical and revitalizing advice that Desiree gives us to take into our every day. 

She also addresses that weighty question of how do I know what to trust?? She highlights some of the biggest red-flags for information that doesn’t align with evidence. How can you quickly and easily identify a scare tactic versus credible facts? Listen to the end for this valuable advice that you’ll definitely put to use!

With love and green dreams,  

♡ Toni & Michelle 


  • Desiree shares her rich family history of food and what a crush had to do with her becoming vegetarian
  • How Desiree discovered the groundbreaking notion that food could help heal
  • How that drove her to become the “weird dietitian”
  • The biggest obstacles she faced in the academic world
  • Untangling the purpose dairy really served as a major food group
  • How she was able to help heal people with IBS who were overlooked by everyone else
  • What positive additive nutrition means and how it’s worlds better than a restrictive diet
  • The eye-opening reality of global eating and exploring cuisines that don’t use meat to anchor their plate
  • How to address deprivation mindset and the role of swaps in that
  • How to eradicate the guilt-anxiety-hope cycle and honor your body as the remarkable vessel of self-repair, healing, and resilience that it is
  • Why eat plant-based whole foods and what we can learn from the Mediterranean diet
  • What nutrient-dense actually means & what you need to know about phytochemicals and flavonoids
  • The remarkable impact of fiber and the role of plants in that
  • Mind blowing transformations in the health and nutrition fields to promote plant-based eating
  • The biggest red flags to decipher nutritional misinformation
  •  How the “Pattern over Plate” philosophy will sky-rocket your mental health and sustainability
  • The Daily 3 Foods that will move the needle in your health and how you feel
  • Simple, practical ways to incorporate those into your daily meals



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