#103: Life Update + Our Favorite Things for Fall

Michelle and Toni are back and sharing real life! How to create habits that stick, recover from draining seasons, face loss, overcome disappointment, find balance in parenting, and give room for authenticity. Plus, the eye opening experiences of world travel and the heart moving connections of music. And a fall episode wouldn't be complete without Toni and Michelle's recommendations of fall favorites!


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Hi friends!

We are thrilled to be back with you again for season six! An exciting lineup of guests is ahead for this season ‚Äď and we reveal¬†a little sneak peek¬†in this episode!

To start off our season, we’re always so encouraged to reconnect with you. In this episode, we share with you life lessons and hacks that have been working for us, like habit stacking and pursuing recovery from draining seasons. We reflect on community, from the community here at the podcast that has grown with us, to staying connected with those who may be going through hard seasons. 

We also get a bit vulnerable, sharing about hard seasons of loss, overcoming trying seasons of disappointment, finding balance in parenting, giving room for authenticity, and the humble learning experience of traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, (not to mention how Taylor Swift has seen Toni through it all.)

And keep listening to hear our fall favorites that we want to share with you, from healthy seasonal recipes to comfy vegan product recommendations!

With love and green dreams,  

♡ Toni & Michelle 


  • Toni gets reflective, remembering starting and growing the podcast from the ground up with no prior experience.
  • Michelle and Toni reveal what‚Äôs to come in this season: including an expert on veganic gardening, scrappy cooking with PlantYou's Carleigh Bodrug, and lots of doctors and medical professionals on topics like how not to age, breast cancer prevention, and gut health.
  • Michelle offers encouragement on habit stacking.
  • Michelle talks¬†about vegan parenting¬†and shares challenges and adventures with her almost-four year old son.
  • The World of Vegan website is finally finished, and Michelle talks¬†about all the resources it provides, especially for those new to vegan and conscientious living.
  • Toni¬†describes¬†the experience of growing together with other content creators and learning from each other.
  • Michelle reflects on ups and downs of the last few years and difficult experiences she‚Äôs walked through, to offer encouragement that we aren‚Äôt alone and that we can see improvement by prioritizing mental health as we work through those seasons.
  • Toni reminds listeners to check in on friends who might be carrying unseen loads.
  • Toni shares how she worked through a professional disappointment and applied herself to get her book out in the world, including traveling to three states per week!
  • Toni discusses recovery from draining periods, including healthy eating, exercising, spending time with friends and family, hobbies, and harvesting her garden, so she can be ready to go back to work full force.
  • Toni and Michelle reflect on how to prevent burnout, including making space to learn or do something new.
  • Toni lets out her inner Swiftie and shares about her concert experiences and bracelet making.
  • Toni and Michelle discuss the bonding opportunity of making crafts together with friends and gifting those to friends and even strangers.
  • Toni shares recent opportunities to finally travel the world and what she learned from it, experiencing various cultures and sights, including south Indian and Hindu culture.
  • Michelle and Toni recommend some of their fall favorites that make the season sweet - from vegan uggs boots, to seasonal recipes, to shows to rewatch.
  • Toni gives a health update that attests to vegan eating, as well as offers lifestyle tips to reduce flight or fight responses.



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