100 Essential Recipes to Share with Vegans and Omnivores Alike

The founder of World of Vegan and the author of Plant-Based on a Budget have teamed up to create the ultimate kitchen resource for longtime vegans and the veggie-curious alike, with 100 foolproof, flavor-forward recipes.

When it comes time to please a crowd, the pressure in on.

You want to serve delicious, memorable dishes, and you’re also well-aware that many will be skeptical of vegan food measuring up to their favorites.

That's why we wrote this book, packed with our most foolproof, rigorously tested, and widely loved recipes that will win over even the most die-hard meat lovers. 

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook is filled with meals that will become your new favorites and go-to staples for when you have meat-eaters to impress. Because amazing food should be shared. Let's get this party started!


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"Eating vegan should be FUN! These wonderful dishes are a celebration of delicious food and the experience of sharing nourishing meals with loved ones. The Friendly Vegan Cookbook will become a staple in so many kitchens!"

Mýa, Grammy Award Winning Artist

"Tie up your apron and dance in the kitchen while you cook up these insanely delish dishes that celebrate the power of plants! From the tofu ricotta stuffed shells drizzled with flavorful tomato sauce to the slurpable noodle soups, you won’t want to stop cooking from this inspired collection of recipes that show that a kind kitchen should come with no sacrifice—only joy."

Daniella Monet, Actress and Singer

"There is a unique pressure that comes with cooking plant-based meals for non-vegan friends and it can feel like your guests' entire perception of vegan food depends on your cooking skills - a tall order! But with The Friendly Vegan, and Toni and Michelle's expert guidance and inspiration, impressing your guests will come easy to you! Just be ready to act humble when everyone's minds are blown by these incredible dishes."

Evanna Lynch, Actress in Harry Potter

"Food should be a means for connection and community—but it can be tricky to satisfy everyone at the table. The Friendly Vegan Cookbook will help you do just that, while demonstrating that plant-based meals are satisfying, familiar, and delicious!"

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Bestselling Author

"Adopting a plant-based diet is the single most impactful action an individual can take to reduce their carbon footprint!"

Aidan Gallagher, Actor & United Nations Goodwill Ambassador

"This fantastic cookbook shows how you can be a friend to animals while also being a good friend to your human companions. Cook up these perfected plant-based recipes and share them with friends as often as you can!"

Gene Baur, Cofounder of Farm Sanctuary

"Toni and Michelle's mission to create a more plant-forward world is hugely inspirational. This book is packed with delicious and easy plant-based recipes that will inspire you to make kinder, healthier and more environmentally friendly food choices. The future is vegan, join us!"

Robbie Lockie, Cofounder of Plant Based News

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